Doors Open Female Hub - streetwiZe Mobile School

Everyone has got talent. Everyone is good at something. We at the Female Hub know this like no other. We are busy discovering and developing talents on a daily basis. But what if you cannot make use of your talent because of your circumstances? What if you are already busy enough with keeping yourself alive? This is the sad reality of millions of street children worldwide. That is why we will donate 50% of the earnings of the sales of Female Hub daypasses that are sold between March 8th 2019 (international women’s day) and April 12th 2019 (day of the street child) to Mobile School.

What is Mobile School?

From street child to CEO, that is the mission of Mobile School. Following the motto ‘if a child cannot go to school, we will bring the school to the child’ there are already 52 mobile schools driving through 26 countries in Latin-America, Asia, Africa and Europe. The story of Junieth is the best evidence on how much positive influence it can have, when a child can develop his/her talents:

Will you help us?

Help us with our cause. Buy a day pass for Doors Open Female Hub between March 8th and April 12th. This way, you can work a day at the most awesome coworking and co-learning Hub of the Netherlands where you can work on YOUR talents and we help street children work on THEIR talents. Buy your day pass here.