Doors Open Female Hub was founded by Suzanne
Mau-Asam. This is the story of a woman who just decided to go for it.

  • 2017

    Full time entrepreneur

    After combining being an entrepreneur and an employee at the same time for over a decade, Suzanne took the leap and became a full-time entrepreneur. Her first goal: take her successful Learning & Development business Doors Open to the next level. Her second goal: find an inspiring office space where she could not only work with other entrepreneurs, but where learning and developing also plays an important role.

  • 2018

    The doors are open!

    During her search for the ideal workplace, Suzanne never came across a place where coworking and co-learning came together. A so she opened the Female Hub on January 1st, 2018: a place where ambitious women can not only rent a workspace, but really learn with and from each other.


  • 2019

    The Hub grows

    The Female Hub has been running at full speed for almost two years. Weekly, dozens of women make their way to Javastraat 281, our Bubbels & Babbels network drinks has become well-known in the area of The Hague and almost every month inspiring masterclasses are organized.

    In Autumn 2019, as the cherry on the cake, the Female Hub Collective is launched. Where members work together on projects, join forces and make use of each other’s networks in order to bring themselves and the other women to a higher level.

  • 2020

    We are going for it!

    In 2020 the Female Hub will also continue to develop. We have launched the very first online co-learning platform; The Doors Open Academy, there are different masterclasses on the agenda and of course the number of members for both the Female Hub and the Female Hub Collective will continue to grow. Will you be the next one to join?