From Boredom to Purpose and Vision.

To slow-down the spread of the corona virus, we have all been staying home for a few weeks now. As a society, we should be proud of that! Especially because the increased time at home can cause a considerable amount of boredom.  Annoying? Maybe. But if you are open to accept it, it can bring you a hell of a lot. Even a career that you didn’t dream of having before…

This period is a big change and a lot to get used to, for many people. You don’t have to commute to work anymore and the everyday tempo is a lot slower, causing you to suddenly have time to spare during the day..  That extra time can ultimately result into boredom.  Boredom, however, is exactly what you need to come up with new, creative insights.

“Currently, people are starting to think about what’s really important to them. Boredom provides insights. Sometimes, someone is trapped in activities that have no added value to them, for example a job that they don’t care about at all. During a moment where you’re bored, you might think, ‘what am I doing here, anyway?’ A life without boredom gets in the way of self-development.” According to  Wijnand van Tilburg, psychologist and researcher at the University of Essex in England,  in an interview with RTL Nieuws.

I want to go in-depth with the latter with you. Do you find yourself at a point where it’s time for a new career and do you want to take the first steps towards your purpose in life? Then I have the perfect tips for you!

What makes you glow?

Grab a pen and paper, now take 10 minutes (set up your stopwatch) to write down all the things that you like to do. What are you always excited for? What are your favorite tasks and responsibilities at work?  What activity gives you energy in your free time?  When do you notice that time is flying by?

What makes you glow?

Three wishes

After those ten minutes, you will have a huge list in front of you, full of fun things to do. Do you start smiling when you look at it? Great! Now choose the three best activities.  Make these choices with your feeling and not with your thoughts. You don’t have to make a career from it yet, that’ll come later..  What would contribute to your life purpose? What makes you feel fulfilled? How does that happen, time and time again?

Bucket list

For a moment, as the devil’s advocate, consider the following: suppose, you’d die within a year, what would you want to do? What gives you energy? Is it in those top three activities that you chose?? Or would you like to do something completely different?

Money is not a problem

Now let’s turn it around; You win the lottery tomorrow and you’re a millionaire. You’ll never have to work again to make money. Would you still want to do what you wrote down? Would you work for the same people? In the same place?

Would you work with the same people?

The pitfall

Once you’ve put it all together, it’s wise to think about whether you would still want the same things in one year’s time from now. Do you see this as an adventure to get out of a rut or is this your dream career? Avoid the same shit, different day effect. Try to share some thoughts via social media. Carefully mention your ideas with those surrounding you and/or your possible target audience. They often give you good feedback. If you like, I can also brainstorm with you about the best approach that fits you.

Failure is not an option

Often we don’t feel good enough. There’s always someone better, smarter or more fun and that’s true. But there’s no one like you. That makes you unique. What if you couldn’t fail? Imagine that your projects would be 100% successful. Would you still choose the same top three you have now? Or would you do something else?

Evaluate your answers above and feel free to adjust your wish list. When you are completely satisfied with it, take the time to sit back and close your eyes. Do you have a smile on your face? Do you feel yourself glowing? Do you feel an entrepreneurial energy? Nice! Then it’s time to map out your path. How to do that, I’ll tell you in  my next blog..

Written by Letizia Luijs